Friday, 4 December 2009

"Trimble made a grand total of two albums in his early 20s: the last was released in 1982. He never had a record deal. The albums were privately released in minuscule quantities: he can't remember whether there were 300 or 500 copies pressed of his debut, Iron Curtain Innocence, but either way, there weren't many takers for his brand of lush-yet-disquieting Beatles and Pink Floyd- influenced psychedelia in early-80s New England. He never performed live outside of the central Massachusetts area. "We just played Worcester County, we didn't even play Boston," he says.

The problem was Trimble's habit of employing backing bands largely staffed by schoolchildren: fearing for their liquor licenses, clubs were disinclined to book Trimble if he insisted on working with the Kidds, whose average age was 12, or the Crippled Dog Band, with their 15-year-old rhythm section. "A few places let us in that sold alcohol, but it was like pulling teeth, it really was, they told us to get the hell out when we were done," he says. He doesn't sound like he sees anything unusual about a 23-year-old man forming a band with a bunch of 12-year-olds, either, although the parents of the Kidds apparently begged to differ, pulling the plug on the band."

- "He's for real. Or should I say surreal?" - the forgotten world of Bobb Trimble.